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Welcome to the Southern Nevada Herpetological Society

Join us for a Picnic in the Park

Reptile fun in the park on Sunday June 22, 2014 at the Buckskin Basin Park (Tenaya Way and Gowan) Festivities to begin at 5pm. Please bring a covered dish to share, this is always a potluck with yymmy stuff. If you bring along your scaly friend make sure to bring a secure enclosure too. It’s that time of year where we can’t predict the temperatures so please keep that in mind while traveling with our beloved pets. They do not sweat to cool down like mammals so the heat can be fatal for them.

The Southern Nevada Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, rehabilitation and preservation of native and non-native reptiles in Nevada. SNHS is open to anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians. The membership fee for the year is only $30 for a family and your first meeting is free.

The Southern Nevada Herpetological Society is one of the best clubs for reptile owners and enthusiasts In Nevada!  Our members come from a wide range of experience and anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians are invited to join us. SNHS is open to anyone, reptile owner or not, and is dedicated to the education of its members, and the public, in reguards to the conservation, ecology, and captive care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians. The Society also takes an active role in legislative and environmental issues affecting these animals and their habitats.

We host a variety of events during the year, provide education programs, we have an awesome kids club (Jr. Herpers) so if your child loves reptiles check out one of our Jr. Herper Meetings. We host informative bi-monthly meetings often with a guest speaker addressing issues and concerns relevant to today's reptile owner. SNHS is a dedicated non-profit reptile rescue and adoption group with a tremendous success rate for recuperating sick animals and finding great homes for them working with other rescue groups in the area.

  Feel free to join us and find out more about our organization.

General Meetings are held at the UNLV Coop, 8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas,  Nevada 89123 On the first Friday of every other month. 
located at the corner of Paradise Road and Windmill (Exit Windmill from the 215)
 Follow the sidewalk on the entrance gate side to the second building

As always, the success of any organization depends upon its members. If you are interested in a volunteer position and are a member of SNHS, please contact an SNHS Board Member 


 Jr Herpers 6th Annual Scorpion Hunt on July 5 at 8pm
Our kids club is open to members only and details are in the monthly club newsletter.


Join SNHS today to recieve the monthly newsletter "The Rattler" full of more member only club activities, announcements, and reptile news. Email for a membership application.

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